The challenges of diamond investment can be solved with Icecap: a trading platform specifically designed for diamond investors

While the advantages of diamonds as part of a hard asset portfolio are considerable, so are the obstacles. An investor can mitigate the obstacles, and achieve the advantages, if they buy/sell diamonds in an environment with these characteristics:

  • The diamond’s quality control (grading) is absolute and guaranteed.
  • The factors that hurt a diamond’s quality, beyond the Four C’s, are screened out. In other words, a diamond with such negative characeristics is not allowed in the trading environment.
  • Purchases can be made at much lower markups (closer to wholesale) than are generally available from existing retail and etail channels.
  • Most Important: A mechanism exists to help with liquidity, so the seller is trading at approximately the same market price level as the buyer (absent trading fees.)

Is there such a trading environment for diamonds? At Cloud Hard Assets, we’ve been involved in helping our customers obtain diamonds for over forty years. In our opinion, while there are many places to buy diamonds in today’s market, we believe there is only one trading platform that meets all the above criteria.

That platform is Icecap, a trading environment created specifically for diamond investors, and backed by some of the most reputable people in the diamond industry. Today, 100% of the diamond trading Cloud Hard Assets offers its customers, occurs on the Icecap Marketplace.

By using Icecap, Cloud Hard Assets is able to offer its customers all the advantages of diamond investing, while mitigating the limitations.

You might want to read articles and blog posts about diamond investing, published by Icecap. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about Icecap and how diamond trading works through Cloud Hard Assets.

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I’ve been investing with Tom Cloud since 1999. Tom’s service & advice has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. The assests that I’ve purchased have grown more than 300% during a time the broader stock market is still down from its highs in 2000 & 2008. I count Tom amongst the finest business men I’ve ever worked with, he’s demonstrated strong integrity & wisdom over the 13 years we’ve worked together.

J.H., CA

My husband & I were referred to Tom by a Ministry that we fully support & trust. Six years ago, our stock portfolio was not appreciating at all. Since that time we have averaged over 20% per year on his recommendations. The things we like the best are his integrity, fast responses, candid assessments & especially how quick out products arrive.

R.C., FL

I have valued Tom’s advice for over 27 years. As an MD, I have to work with people that i can trust as so many people try to reach me. He has continually provided honest staright forward information & very fair prices. He has helped me in other areas besides his expertise that has also been invaluable. Even when metals were flat he would never try to get me buy more and would give me honest assessment of the market. Thanks to Tom Cloud, my retirement account has more than tripled. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

B.M., TX

My working relationship with Tom Cloud & Cloud Resources Group, Inc. has spanned a 20 year period. The service & business relationship has always been one upmost priority. Tom is always very well-informed & knowledgeable about the current market situation and his customer service is exceptional. Anytime I have ever needed a re-sale of assets, Tom has always been quick and efficient in completing the process at a very honest & fair price. I trust Tom Cloud without hesitation because our relationship over the past 20 years has proven one of confidentiality, efficiency and honest business.

L.E., GA

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