Depending upon the source, a “silver round” can de defined in numerous ways.

Here, I use the term “silver round” when referring to any one ounce silver bullion coin that contains 0.999 (99.9%) fine silver. Privately Minted Silver Rounds

Privately-minted silver rounds are an inexpensive and convenient way to own silver. They are popular because of their varying appearances and low relative per ounce “premiums”. They are called “privately-minted” because they are manufactured by a private mint (i.e. Johnson Matthay, Engelhard, Credit Suisse and many other recognized smaller mints). Including a per ounce “premium”, prices are generally $2.10 to $2.75 over the spot price of silver. While per ounce “premiums” (which include dealer premiums and commissions, all shipping costs and insurance) vary depending on the particular mint and market demand, privately minted silver rounds have their weight and purity (999 fine) stamped on them, making them easy to identify and to sell or exchange. Currently, I consider these coins to be the best buy if desiring your investment to serve as both a store of value (a purely “investment medium”) and a medium of exchange (as “money”). Privately minted silver rounds are not considered legal tender and vary in design. Privately minted silver rounds, other than those produced by the Highland Mint, are NOT currently allowed in self directed IRA’s.

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L.E., GA

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